Don’t ring shop unless you’re ready to propose! So this story starts with me asking Amber if she wanted to go ring shopping. I wanted to get an estimate on how much I would have to save for the rock.

I surprised her one day and took her to Jared Jewelers while we were running around doing errands. She was overwhelmed by how many choices there were and all the different stone / setting types. Amber was able to narrow it down to a few that she knew she would be happy with. Since we live in New York it would be a sin to not look in the diamond district and see what those places have to offer. I was told that because of the competition the prices are better and you have more variety.

I lined up 5 places for us to go around Manhattan. The first was which had a few rings again Amber liked. Nothing really stood out to her and she kept telling me that she didn’t thing she wasn’t going to have the “Oh my god! This is the one!” moment.

We headed to jangmi jewelry which was the top rated ring store to go in New York according to yelp. Mr. and Mrs. Kim greeted us when we showed up. At first it was hard to understand everything going on as Mr. Kim was explaining the different clarity, shapes, and colors. Once we saw examples we connected the dots and wanted to see ring settings.

Mrs. Kim was very excited to show us one that she designed. It was rose gold and oval. There were diamonds around the stone that made the ring sparkle like crazy. Once Amber put it on she was in awe. She had that moment I was looking for. Absolute joy and happiness. Her face lit up and I knew what was next.

Amber and I agreed this was the one. Now I started to think “Shit I guess I’m buying a ring sooner than I thought.” After a few weeks of thinking it over and talking to Amber… I bought it. She was amazing about the situation assuring me I didn’t have to get it now I can wait till I’m ready. When I was paying for it Mr. Kim told me they sold my diamond and that they had an even nicer one for me! The ring was perfect with the new stone. All I has to do was figure out how to propose.

I was thinking of extravagant ideas and simple ones to figure out what would be the best. I wanted to go all out and had an idea to fly to New Orleans Jan 14th the day before her birthday meet up with Dave Matthews before his show and have him play Ambers favorite song “Crash Into Me.” I asked my friend Sean to connect me with Dave since he worked with the band on an album cover. Sadly his connections to Dave have moved on from that job and that idea was kaput.

My next idea was Central Park with a videographer and photographer. I knew I couldn’t just say “Hey Amber you want to go get video and photos taken in the park?” That would be too much of an alert that something fishy was going on. Instead I had the photographer Constantin take photos of us at Prospect Park a month before. That would warm Amber up to the idea of photos/video and I wanted to see if that was the idea I was going to run with.

Once the day with Constantin was over I was prepping Amber by saying “we should do this again in Central Park!” She loved the idea since we had a great time so I knew it would work. I mentioned that Justin Ho wanted to do a video for us since he’s a cinematographer and great friend. She didn’t think much of it since Justin always has a camera in his hands.

Constantin, Justin and I researched the best place to do it. The idea to do it in the row boats was brought up but after realizing how complex it was we abandoned that idea. Oh and it was closed which made the decision that much easier. So the idea was set Saturday Nov 9th 2013 we would go to Central Park and I would propose.

After walking around the park for a quiet spot so out voices could heard, we found the perfect spot on one of the lakes. After doing a few test clips with audio I told Amber I was going to walk away and have her answer interview questions from Justin. That’s when I grabbed the ring. The rest you can view below.