Full Time Startup Life

Is it Christmas? No its May 30th and it’s hot as hell. Why am I so elated and sweaty? I can’t stop thinking about what I just did. I am currently riding the R train from Brooklyn into Manhattan to go back to IAC. It’s 1:04pm, 35 minutes after a life changing event.

I just signed a contract with theConspiracy as VP Technology and Development starting June 18th 2012. I will be moving out of the Development Support Specialist position at IAC. My two years at IAC and two years before that at one of their companies CollegeHumor was unbelievable. The people I worked with had special qualities that really helped me grow. Managing a team in an effective way, learning a development skill, or any other lesson I picked up, I soaked up all information and utilize in the same way my colleagues did.

Although I will be leaving who I consider my friends at work, it’s bittersweet. The people at work who I talk to on a day to day basis will not be forgotten. The people I avoided will be much further away. I will be leaving a company that has such an epic known history and household names, to move on to a group of three men who are incredibly talented in development, design, and execution of mobile and web applications.

I read tutorials, articles, and books everyday to grow. I never let my talents and interests fade away. If they are out on hold, I get back to them at some point. I needed to grow on a bigger scale. This position offered that. So I took it.