Hello, I'm Wesley Lorenzini.

Full Stack / iOS Developer, Jetsetter, Filmmaker, & Father

TLDR Version: Wesley went to film school, left to pursue IT Helpdesk, then learned to build apps and websites. It was then he discovered that this was his calling in life. He spent all of his free time building many projects along the way learning from every project.


Unabridged Version: Wesley Lorenzini is a Full Stack / iOS Developer, Jetsetter, Filmmaker, & Father. After attending the School of Visual Arts (SVA) for two years with focus on film directing, Wesley decided to move back to an earlier passion of technology. Filmmaking moved to a hobby while he focused on learning full stack & iOS development on his nights and weekends. Back when Wesley was a young lad, he was busy building computers, troubleshooting IT issues for friends, family and teachers. He was traded by teachers to other classrooms during class to resolve printer & computer issues.

Since his IT Helpdesk skills never went away, Wesley started his professional career as an IT Helpdesk Technician for CollegeHumor.com. While fixing computers for employees, he started to learn the ropes of Full Stack development from a patient developer who took Wesley under his wing. His first idea was a project management tool for filmmakers to use in pre-production, production and post-production. Four years later, Wesley learned that scope creep can be killer.

Wesley graduated from CollegeHumor IT Helpdesk to the parent company IAC where he joined the IT support team supporting IAC owned brands (Daily Beast, Ask.com, Citysearch, Vimeo, etc). While working at IAC, Wesley’s itch for development continued. He purchased an online course on Udemy to learn Objective-C development. Wesley partnered with a friend to build NowWeMeet. NowWeMeet was an ETA app where you could choose a destination with friends and family, a meeting time, and everyone’s ETA would display. The big selling point for this application was it didn’t show where you were on a map but just the time based on google directions and if you were walking or driving there.

While building a proof of concept of NowWeMeet, Wesley took an iOS development course in Manhattan to build on the initial skills learned in the online course. The in-person course proved to be too amateur for him which the teacher noticed too. A few months after the course was finished, the teacher offered Wesley a position at his development shop to aide with client projects & a startup called RadicalFlow. RadicalFlow was a HTML5 app that allowed developers and designers to quickly mock up native applications in browser while viewing the native experience on their mobile device live. Client projects flowed in where Wesley learned more and more about iOS development, server administration, and full stack development. After absorbing as much knowledge as he could, Wesley journeyed out into full time freelance world. His clients consisted of small business websites, One Day on Earth, the TV show Chopped, and Sentrix Health.

While running his freelance business, Wesley was approached to temporarily fill in as the Director of Development at iSpeech. He led the team of developers during the launch of their new applications at the time and helped refine internal tools. From there he switched back over to freelance building Swellbox’s iPhone app to manage family health records. During this time Wesley was also building TapTab which was a mobile bar tab app.

With TapTab you could walk into a bar, the bartenders would have a TapTab iPad app that allows them to add drinks to your tab and when you’re ready to leave, you just walk out. The proof of concept for this was completed and tested with a small group of bar patrons in Philadelphia but ultimately the project was voted to end by the majority of the founders.

Wesley’s entrepreneurial spirit continued as he jumped into building Urgentli as a solo project. Urgentli went back to his original idea of a film management tool but Urgentli was just focused on location, prop, equipment, costume rentals. After 3 years of developing the infrastructure, iPhone app, and admin tools, Wesley shut down the project. His motivation behind this was due to no cofounder to handle the sales / marketing side of the company as he doesn’t see himself as a pro in the selling phase of the project. The chicken-and-egg problem also plagued Urgentli as filmmakers weren’t interested in using an app with no rentals on it and renters weren’t interested in putting their locations, props, equipment, and costumes on an app with no users.

Wesley’s next project focused on TV show / movie watch-lists and favorites. This idea came to him while he noticed he was constantly writing down movies and shows to watch from friends, family and colleagues. There wasn’t a solid way in notes to organize this list and prioritize what to watch next based on friend recommendations so he set out to build it as the number one user. Since grabbing TV show and movie data could be automated, Wesley knew there was less of an initial hurdle to solve the chicken-and-egg problem with this type of website if all of the movies and shows were there to choose from and add to lists. He uses the movie and TV show watch-lists on his profile to dictate what he will watch next and with whom he should discuss it afterwards with.

During the summer of 2017, Wesley was approached to build an uber-like personal trainer on demand app called 360 Fit Now. He spent 7 months working on the proof of concept building the servers, API’s, mobile app, and admin tools. The launch was a success as clients continued to book personal trainers through the app.

Currently in 2018, Wesley is fascinated by home automation projects, 3d printing, binge watching shows with his superhero wife Amber and watching his daughter Isabella grow. He’s excited to share his knowledge and love of technology with Isabella, hopefully building many projects along the way with her by his side.