As some may have realized I did a good ol “Irish Goodbye” when I went on FMLA for my Mental Health directly impacted by my 6 years at Kasisto.

Between these events over the years and the final breaking point of my daughter getting Hives and elated that I “took the day off from work!” to spend time with her, I decided enough was enough.

In my 6 years at Kasisto:

Ray Hoffman (Director of Talent & People) – has been belligerent multiple times at Corporate sponsored events included but not limited to Corn Hole where he aggressively shoved colleagues including me.

12/9/2015 – Ray’s behavior at the pool hall after our Holiday party a few years back where he told me 6 inches from my face to “FUCKING PUNCH ME” so we could have an altercation was eye opening. This was over the 4 of us playing pool and we didn’t hear him call the 8 ball when getting it in. He even went as far as to get on his knees in front of me still screaming at me to PUNCH HIM. My response (you can ask Yi or Josh Baptiste ) was “You’re the head of HR!”

[Update 5/12/2021 – Found photo evidence of that Kasisto sponsored company event night and now have the exact date, people described above directly before the event that unfolded above]

Ray’s lack of caring / enforcing paternity that I was approved and allowed for my now 4 year old was disgraceful as a fellow parent. Sasha Caskey manipulated me on the last day I was in the office before starting Paternity for Bella by saying “we don’t have anyone to cover you so you need to work”. He also threw in some “you’re not doing a good job” anxieties that I still have nightmares about.

Sasha Caskey (CTO) – has been belligerent multiple times at Corporate sponsored events making both men and women feel uncomfortable. My absolute favorite memory / 4+ times a month nightmare was when Sasha Caskey SEXUALLY HARASSED ME IN THE OFFICE. Yes, you read that correctly. Sasha walked up to me when I was wearing a yellow polo shirt that didn’t fully cover “my fat”. Sasha grabbed “my fat” jiggled it and told me “You shouldn’t wear shirts that don’t cover your fat.” I was humiliated, disgusted and in shock. I didn’t realize the lasting effect it would have on me trigger PTSD episodes still to this day. Compassion isn’t something Sasha has ever broadcasted or shown to others. Many of which are still employed by Kasisto and many who have removed that cancerous mentality from their life safely.

Keep in mind 7/9/2016 Ruth Brown sent an email which stated:

Zor, Sasha, Dror and I feel that this is a good time to have an independent assessment of our workplace environment and the culture at the company to see if we are successfully achieving our core values which are attached for you as a reminder. “

We are bringing in Myrna Sessa who is the founder of an HR consulting firm called HR Innovations. Myrna is a very experienced HR professional and consults with smaller businesses and startups today. Zor and I have known Myrna for many years and have used her services previously. Myrna will be in the office all day Monday and will either meet with you in person or be speaking with you on the phone later in the week.

Myrna will ask for your feedback on a number of questions. She will then compile and analyze the information you all provide and prepare a report for us. We encourage you to be honest and direct in your communications with Myrna so she can get a true picture of our work environment and culture. She will keep your identity confidential and not include any names in the report she will write – what DBS calls anonymized! That is to say, she will provide information on what you say to her, but nothing will be attributed directly to any specific person. We’d also like you to keep your discussion with Myrna confidential. Please don’t discuss it with others in the company so each of you will be hearing the questions for the first time when you meet with Myrna.

I remember this event clearly because I kept my mouth shut per the fake contract I signed but remember walking out after talking to her and being met with Sasha in his underwear facing me and the woman doing this “independent evaluation”. Seems like this would be a red flag but apparently wasn’t.

For me, forgetting Sasha Caskey’s sexual harassment hasn’t been that easy. I believe working on a sexual harassment video game and teaching via role playing what it means to sexual harass man or woman at any point should be better understood. You’ll be able to follow the progress over time of that game over at or .

Ruth Brown (COO) – has been a safe haven + ally for the offenders above as well as the absolute worst offender Zor Gorelov. I have a non-legally-binding-because-lawyers-confirmed-that-this-is-intimidation-and-not-a-real-contract with Ruth, Jon Philips and Zor to not discuss Kasisto in a negative way or else I can be fired. This is a direct violation of laws set forth by the EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) which I’m discussing (already submitted this documentation among other documentation) how to escalate this in the highest regard as I’m fully aware the abuse of the founders hasn’t stopped. I expect this email to escalate abuse from them, but at least it’s out there for all to know what goes on.

This contract that is a direct violation defined by the EEOC brought to Zor, Ruth and Jon’s attention when David Sawicki was included in a text I sent many years back to colleagues who have been sexually harassed, harassed, treated unfairly to a point of needing to increase their medications because of the abuse. David decided to rat me out to Zor who promptly called me out of the blue to confront me. Zor forced me to “shut up” and “you give your two weeks or you sign this contract, text back an approved message to the people you talked to and work to make Kasisto better”. This is when I came up with Bagel Monday’s, bringing a 3d printer into the office for fun and Zor queued up “Pizza Fridays” which I said Thursday is better since people work from home on Fridays.

Rich Ciapala (SVP Engineering)

  • I explained most of the above to Rich when he came on board to explain why “executives have it out for me” and why I’m still here to make a dent in an industry with antiquated ways.
  • Even after all these years of harassment, I was set on executing better UX and time efficiency for Kasisto and detailed these ideas in an email. The email was sent 1/26/2021 to all the executives + most of my direct colleagues and received 0 responses to date.

  • My most recent “review” was riddled with lies and lack of understanding what I do, how I work, how I’ve been working well before Rich, Rick, and Dom came on board. Rich found it easier to dismiss and continue through a joke of a review.

    [Update 5/12/2021] – You can find that below shortly. I’m working on learning best compression methods so I host it on and not on a social media platform with robotic godlike powers. Plus I have to do my “due diligence” to not share “confidential information” that “may or may not be trade secrets”.




Last but I wish was the least:

Zor Gorelov


Zor Gorelov (CEO & Founder)

  • After having marital complications at home and briefly returning to the office Zor yelled out when he saw me “Wes! Did the wife finally kick you out? ”
  • I listened to Zor say to Sathish (Employee ~2) that his performance in making a kid was better than his performance on a project.
  • Messaged me on LinkedIn as his first messages years after being hired at Kasisto to harass me about a non-related venture I was doing at the time. This was on “my time” and he chose a weekend I went on vacation to message me.
    [Update 5/12/2021 – Evidence below. I know it says LinkedIn Member and not his name and photo. I took these screenshots after I blocked him. I do have the LinkedIn full data export that I’ll happily hand over during discovery. I also added his comment on slack in a public channel that followed his confrontation with me on LinkedIn 1/19/2019 (please keep in mind I started my employment at Kasisto 4/6/2015).



Seeing that I’m in queue to escalate Kasisto’s multi-year abuse with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as well as numerous lawyers…I figured this would be the only way to detail my departure since there are enough lies floating around Kasisto to make it barely tolerable for hard working people like myself.

It also appears many are interested in coming forward to tell their stories + factual evidence against a parasitically run organization. Thankfully when I finally “broke down” for the last time March 2nd…I realized there are many other companies that do not sexually harass, harass, intimidate, breach multiple federal laws, and manipulate their employees.

I’m still looking for that company, but for now I’m going to do my own company because I actually follow my own values as a human being and would never treat colleagues as what I’d consider worse than “a piece of meat”.

You can find this email on for safe keeping.

Be well all of you! Remember a job shouldn’t ruin your life, make you feel inhuman, violate federal laws, and definitely not ruin your families life. There are bigger and better places to go.

I’ve been sitting on this email for a while because my wife expressed her concern as to Kasisto retaliation knowing first hand how they are. Hopefully soon enough this will be behind me and the nightmares, PTSD, severe depression, anxiety will subside and I can focus on a positive future with my family. It’s still unbelievable to me how much an employer can mentally control your happiness 24/7.


[Update 5/12/21]
Added screenshot from presentation given by Zor Gorelov to company about Kasisto’s Culture and Values.



[UPDATE 5/13/21]
Wait a second…
I don’t have to wait for the EEOC to get and in court…

I will just file criminal charges of harassment and sexual harassment against them personally and ask for others to come forward so we can actually feel some justice and not continue to be ignored…if all goes well prison for both but we will see.

I know they have done prison worthy actions to not only me but others easily so this shouldn’t be far fetched if I collect more evidence.
I mean kingpin Harvey Weinstein went to jail even with all the money and power he thought he had so why not others who deserve justice served.

I’ll be updating and to allow other victims to be part of them lawsuits. This is perfect for the open source VictimsOf platform I was thinking of because of what they put me and others through.

Stay strong victims. I’m here for you always ❤️

[Update 5/13/2021] We are not alone!

[Update 5/13/2021] EEOC reminder email

Update 5/14/21 - Kasisto Legal Threats!

It looks like Kasisto is threatening me with lawyers to be quiet about my sexual harassment, harassment and abuse.

I guess my plead of “please let’s bring this to court” is happening!

Once I’m able to subpoena slack chat logs that I don’t already have saved (the ones privately discussed about the sexual harassment, harassment, etc.. this should be a clearer case)

What I received is below:

Update 5/14/2021

Visibility is important victims! I know it’s very very very hard to write out but know your voice can be heard and it will get better.