Edit 1/23/20 2:12am: Wrote this post because I read this: https://time.com/collection/davos-2020/5764680/mental-health-at-work/?fbclid=IwAR25kwQZkD8YiNpJUjv7QD4jtSkmqJphYex9J3nO1ssM-i4zOKTAsEhh-EQ

A year ago I was just days away from my “Mental Health Month” which really helped me step back and evaluate all of my professional and family goals.

Some of my goals I’ve been told are “insane” or laughed at. This goes the same with some of my family goals and what-i-want-in-my-next-house-over-time goals. I can handle that negativity gracefully now. I’m just gonna keep chugging along.

I’m doing much better and only getting better by the minute. I’m appreciative to my bosses, project managers, work, family, and friends for their support in this rollercoaster life I can’t stop.

I’d recommend this read among many articles, blogs, books on Mental Health to all. You never know who around you may need an extra hand or a break. Open doors for the people behind you, realize all jobs matter and treat your garbage person as you would nurses, doctors, chefs, sales associates, Jeff Bezos, mail carrier, gas station attendants, Elon Musk, interns, recycling person, Bill Gates and all the other important jobs out there. Life is too short not to be your best self to everyone. If you figure out your best self…you and others will win.

Amber has been home since November with the Twins + Bella + Dexter & Lulu + me (I’ve been working from home full-time since Oct 2018) and I’ve seen such an amazing side of her skills taking care of our family. She’s the CEO and I’m so glad I’m with her. Everyone deserves the best and man did I message the right person on OkCupid! The best of the best.

My mother always said and still does: “Treat others how you want to be treated”. The saying has been around forever but just think about every relationship you have as “UX” / User Experience. You only want the best “Life UX” for those who value your guidance and love. ❤️

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