I saw them!

At Bella’s 2nd birthday party which at night turned into my 3+ years of hosting LAN parities. I’m also planned to see some at a bachelor party weekend this Thursdays at a lake house. Hopefully it’s not an all male version of The Cabin in the Woods.

In case you did a double take on “LAN Parties” above…LAN parties usually consist of men and women that I know coming over my house to drink, play board games, video games, talk, and watch TV all night. I’m the last to usually stay up at them which end between 2am -> 7am. It’s like a giant sleepover. I also set up a discord chatroom with my closest friends who I intend on playing video games with every Wednesday at 8pm so we can share what’s going on in our life on a more regular basis.

Bella’s 2nd Birthday party was a lot of work and overwhelming energy. Thankfully and most importantly she had a blast other than when I dressed up as a bootleg Elmo and she was terrified. What do they say?

You win some, you lose some.

Elmo will try again in the future. Now that I have the costume and got the voice down enough for a 2 year old…he’s on speed dial.