$200 later on craigslist I was able to meet up at the truck stop in South Amboy NJ with Eric. As Amber, Bella and I were driving there I was explaining to Amber about the “chair community”. She was unaware there were diehard fans of chairs and all these different categories for what you’re doing day to day. 

When I was explaining the types and what not I got the daily “Wes what are you talking about you’re crazy look” from her 😂. 

Eric is part of the diehard fans of chairs so he started telling me which shows had this Herman Miller Aeron chair in it and I said “One second I need to get my wife to hear this”. Amber comes out and I said to Eric “Could you please repeat what you just said?” He repeats that this Herman Miller chair was in Will & Grace way back in the day as product placement. 

I look over to Amber with my big grinch-style grin which she knows after 10 years could mean “SEE I WASN’T MAKING THIS UP”.

So now my boney butt is happy and Amber and I learned more about this chair. 

If you’d like to read more about this chair in Pop Culture check out: 


If you were wondering…this is how I was sitting for 3+ years. A dining room wood chair with a butt pad.