Wesley Lorenzini’s 2019 Innovation Vacation

It’s been 10 years since I started full time work. I’m finally doing something I should have done many years ago…taking 1 month off from work for myself.

READ BEFORE PLAYING THE VIDEO BELOW: For the safety of your ears, please adjust your volume level from 11 -> 4.

Innovation Vacation over in...


What I'm going to be exploring...

No pee pads just reusable plastics + Dog Recognition + Reward system + Wifi connectivity

Once proof of concept is complete…I intend to shoot a promotional video in similar fashion as three of my favorite commercials: 

FiberFix (I bought some but have yet to FiberFix anything since I rarely break things)

Dollar Shave Club:

Mr Cool DIY (Which I own and installed myself because of this commercial)


While each of these commercials have their own tone, I intend to keep mine geared towards the families who are sick and tired of the shitty situations and pee pee situations. 

I have frequented a lot of chat apps over the years (AIM, AOL Chat Rooms, Yahoo Chat, Omegle, FET Apps, Slack, iMessage, PS4 Chat, Xbox Chat, Kik, Instagram, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Wickr, Discord, etc). Some of these I have moderated for the purpose of maintaining concepts it appears most of these apps lack: 

  1. Great UX & UI
  2. Clear communication as to who you’re speaking to
  3. Privacy
  4. Safety
  5. You are who you claim to be (meaning the photo is you not your best friend Sally or Bob) 
  6. Accessibility
  7. Most importantly: Respect

Br3vity will be wrapping as many of these up into a nice bow and allowing any community to use the source code for free. 

I was asked “So what do you get out of this if you’re giving it away and making nothing off of it?”

My answer as arrogant as it sounds is this:

The world needs better ways to communicate. If it wasn’t for many innovators involved in upgrading / changing the way we communicate, who knows where we’d be today. Two easy ones come to mind as I finished the Edison book 1 month ago today.

At the very least these two gentleman along with many people of all races, colors, gender, shapes, sizes, nationalities, disabilities, sexual preferences & identities have done so throughout history. I intend on reading about many more of these unsung heroes if I can find the material and have to figure out my “reading” time schedule as I have a lot to accomplish in this lifetime. 

My first goal with Br3vity is: I want one homeless person in NYC or Philly to go into a homeless chatroom and say they are looking for a warm meal tonight. Businesses, shelters, locations that provide food, anyone who wants to help buy a meal for someone, etc respond to that person and they have a warm meal that night…Seriously that is what I’m looking to do. The rest of the communities i’ll focus on when the timing is right and I have actual money rather than negative in my account.

After coming up with Br3vity I needed to figure out how this could be used with other non-profit’s immediately. I’ve been told that non-profits need serious technology and infrastructure upgrades to better reach various communities in need. I’m talking the homeless, mental illnesses, single mothers / fathers, women in STEM, people looking for love, etc.

There are so many heroes in this world who take care of these communities day and night. Why are we not supporting the heroes when they are supporting our friends, family, pen-pals, veterans with better communication tools? Maybe some are doing well with modern technology but so far my research has provided enough of a push for me to want to help the ones who have fallen behind. 

I have a full sized vending machine in my Zen Zone / Workshop / Maker Studio that I’ve been itching to retrofit. My goal is to make my vending machine recognize my face and voice where it gives me only one soda a day so I can limit my intake in the most nerdy way I can think of.

I just joined Weight Watchers today (2/1/19) to work on my health (208 LDL Level, 13.69 Vitamin D level) and support my amazingly strong & determined wife in her journey. 

I’m doing this for my father-in-law who would like to unwind after a stressful day at work in the way he desires most… a hot tub. My skin / body does not fancy hot tubs as they usually are too hot for me. Whichever one I install, I’lll make sure I can turn it to medium-rare-wes temperature when I’m in it 🙂 

I’m following the town laws on this so it’s quite the process of providing all documentation to them so this may surpass February. I will be installing speakers, a roof, wrap around deck as well because I can’t help myself sometimes so learning architecture will be a fascinating new adventure I’ll be taking on.

Upgrade one of my many pet projects myfavs.io (Movies & TV recommendations to share with friends and family) for the 2 amazing people who use it regularly while it’s still riddled with bugs (Thank you Jessica & Glenn). If the site is down that means way more than 2 people are using it and I’ll need to load balance, cache, optimize it 🙃) I scaled it back to cut costs since this was costing $200->$300 to run buttery smooth for 3 people including myself 😂🤷‍♂️

I use this to keep track of what shows and movies to watch since I get tons of recommendations but fail at keeping them in order. There are other services like this out there but I didn’t like them so as per my fashion…I built one. 

My favorite features I currently have on myfavs are

  • Upvote / Downvote watchlists – You can upvote and downvote your friends, colleagues & family lists if they follow you. This makes it much clearer to me if 4 people say watch Doctor Strange… I will. If -1 people tell me I should wait to watch Birdman then I will wait. Usually the upvotes and downvotes are based on what they think or what they think makes sense for my interests
  • Adding movies & shows to your friends, colleagues & family if they follow you. I added this because I wanted to remember WHO was the one who recommended me sit through Blue Velvet or Twin Peaks (Steven I will never forgive you 😡😏😂😘)

Amber is my wife. I found her on OkCupid many many years ago and I’m so glad my charm was well received by her. She has been with me through the firstthe good, the bad, the perfect, the shocked , the battle, and the tired 😏😘 and I’m forever grateful. I want anyone who is looking for love to have an easier way to find it (Hoping Br3vity will help with that) but I do play matchmaker on occasion if I think you’re worth my time to look. If you try to manipulate me with money

  • Love
  • Lists

I’m going to be using crabbr.com browse page  to find new places to eat, friends recommendations etc. 

So far I’ve tried:

  • Direct email (New chance was slim to none)
  • Instagram Message (Thought perhaps this was more filtered and an interested place to see a notification for them but they probably have notifications off due to their overwhelming global success.)
  • Asked friends & family who have worked at Microsoft (I figured they couldn’t break protocol so I didn’t push on this one.)

Here’s my short Hail Mary ask: I’d love to see a curated list of books on gatesnotes.com from Melinda & Bill in regards to relationships. This may exist already so a link to it would complete my Hail Mary pass and I can carry on. 

When I say relationships I mean when serious amounts of professional work is needed for the greater good while maintaining to raise amazingly caring children. I find myself working 110+ hours a week to further my success, my families happiness, and try to resolve issues in the world I can do with a $5 footlong budget to my name. I believe if I had more wealth I could minimize certain tasks that require time away from my family and goals in life. I could focus on bigger pictures not learning how to repair the garbage disposal. I figured it out but it will still time away from my goals. 

I’ve heard all different stories about Bill & Melinda Gates. I see their values, relationship with each other, their children, their success in resolving global issues, and the way business is done in Gates fashion as something I’d aspire to achieve. 

My Prusa i3 MK2 has been collecting dust since Oct 2017. I was printing 24/7 then thought I should upgrade to MMU 1.0. That was a bad idea as first versions aren’t always perfect. I was unable to get it working again due to my brain moving me to other projects at the time so now that I have this month and MMU 2.0…I expect to be printing again!

I love dancing with Bella. She’s 2 weeks shy of being 2 yet full of moves. We try to dance together once a day and I intend on keeping that as long as I can ❤️. Hopefully when she’s a bit older we can do Daddy + Daughter dances.

I was on Paxil for:

I went on it right before Bella was born, then after months I found Medical Marijuana to be a better remedy for my situation. I went off Paxil for a few months and then went back on it since I was still agitating my family. I do have my NJ Medical License for use and it is in fact against the law to be fired / terminated based on using this miracle drug for my disorders when you have your state medical license. 

I believe my symptoms are embedded in me because of my incessant ambition for wanting to do the next big thing for the world and minimal time and resources to do it.

Over the 10 years of working professionally in startups I’ve been sexually harassed, harassed, threatened with violence, manipulated, intimidated, not paid for my work, put in extremely awkward situations, belittled by psychopaths who are in executive roles for some of the companies I’ve interacted with as a freelancer, full time contractor, and employee. It’s not okay for anyone to be put through any of these situations.

I do my work and I do it harder than most. If I’m the bottleneck in a situation I will double my hours just to complete because my mind doesn’t allow me to forget. It’s a blessing and a curse. 

I love both and after going to School of Visual Arts for Film Directing for 2 years…I feel I’m doing my friends and colleagues a disservice for not partaking in 30 min -> 2 hours of dedicated enjoyment. 

Didn’t think I’d love VR. The Oculus Go being $200 as a VR headset that doesn’t require you to put your phone IN the headset is amazing. Yes you need your phone paired to it but step in the right direction for the price point. 

I’ve been prioritizing everything but my health so that needs to change. I joined Weight Watchers today (2/1/2019) and intend to fix my super high cholesterol and super low Vitamin D. 

I LOVE music. I need to be listening to music at all times. If it’s quiet where I am…get me out of there. Thankfully 90% of my time is me alone working with EDM / Classical / Classic Rock / Reggae / Pop / Rap / Techno / Mashups turned up to 11

My OCD makes me want to have monitors for different processes.

  1. Terminal windows
  2. Chat programs (Slack, iMessage, FB Messenger, Br3vity soon 😉)
  3. Music (Spotify + Soundcloud + YouTube)
  4. Chrome Browser
  5. Sublime Text / XCode / Android Studio / PhpStorm
  6. Analytics + Server Dashboard monitoring health 
  7. Blue Iris security monitoring software for my house + property
  8. Everything else

I sit so long that I’ll be in serious pain sooner than later. I need a better chair than a wood dining room chair + pad. I could go a get a cheap solution for this problem but if I’m going to spend money it’s on a Herman Miller Aeron Size B Chair with all the features. 

I do get up and dance when a song’s bass is hitting that perfect BPM.

It’s also required by New Jersey State Law to fist pump once a day as we can not pump gas here. 

[COMPLETE 2/3/19] Found a perfect condition one on Craigslist for $200.  My boney booty is pleased. 

Yeah! Something I rarely do I expect to do a few days this month. I have one of my best friends bachelor party and Bella’s birthday party so I will be visited and visiting others often. This is one of the biggest downfalls of living with hypomania but as my favorite movie of all time has taught me: I try to be like fonzie.

I guess I need some infrastructure here so setting up content, links, social accounts, etc.



During this Innovation Vacation, I have come to the conclusion that this is Jon’s company. We have fundamental differences as to how we’d like to see Crabbr grow both internally and externally. I will be removing myself from Crabbr effective immediately.

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I saw them! At Bella’s 2nd birthday party which at night turned into my 3+ years of hosting LAN parities. I’m also planned to see some at a bachelor party weekend this Thursdays at a lake house. Hopefully it’s not

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✅ Herman Miller Aeron Chair Purchased

Success! $200 later on craigslist I was able to meet up at the truck stop in South Amboy NJ with Eric. As Amber, Bella and I were driving there I was explaining to Amber about the “chair community”. She was

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This page will be updated as I go

Until then…

I want to help!

Thanks friend ❤️

Here are the current ways I can think of you helping out.

Let’s chat!

Find out which communication makes most sense based on who you are and what you’d like to contact me about.  Want to

  • Partner on a project?
  • Learn engineering from me?
  • Ask for more details on projects above?
  • Try and recruit me for your project?
  • Sell me your product / your companies product that is amazing?
  • Ask if I want to outsource my work to another part of the world?
  • Ask me any question in the world?

Just click Contact Wes below and your wishes will come true.,.hopefully.

Contribute your expertise & opinions to my posts and products!

I love feedback! Good and bad. Usually people who are trying to do better also want the good, the bad and the ugly.

What I don’t like is disrespect. If I find out you’re being disrespectful to anyone in the realm of projects I work on…

You will be notified that your name will be logged in my naughty list. I don’t want to have this list but I intend to keep conversations respectful. I find these days respect is seriously lacking in the world and people should be held accountable for what they say to others. You never know what that can do to someone…

The root of some evil yet incredibly necessary when trying to accomplish so much.

Anything would be appreciated but never expected.

Since most of the projects I work on are self funded I will use the funds for:

  • R&D (Research & Development) on current and new products
  • Web Servers
  • Logo / Branding
  • Website Domain
  • Google Apps Email
  • Github Monthly
  • Extra physical space
  • Settings up a nonprofit
  • Setting up STEM classes for children -> adults
  • Anything that comes to my head at the moment.